“ZEO” – Optimizing your Profile on Zintro

As Zintro’s Expert database grows and competition for inquiries increases, Zintro Experts often ask how they can optimize their Zintro profile. Enter ZEO – i.e. “Zintro Engine Optimization”. The suggestions below will help to:

  • Improve your placement on Zintro’s search results
  • Increase your chances of receiving a qualified Inquiry
  • Maximize the percentage of Inquiries that convert into Zintros (paid consults).

Suggestion 1:  Fine-tune your “Areas of Expertise”

The “Areas of Expertise” section of your Expert Profile has the biggest impact on how Zintro’s search & matching engine see your Profile.

  • Avoid stringing multiple Areas of Expertise together in a single field. Use one field per Area.
  • Be illustrative with your labels by repeating important key words. For a researcher,  (Area 1: Securitization, Area 2: Accounting) is not as demonstrative of your skills as (Area 1: Securitization, Area 2: Securitization Accounting).
  • Use multiple ways to describe your expertise. For example (Area 1: Solar Energy, Area 2: Solar Power, Area 3: Photovoltaics, Area 4: PV, etc.).

Keep in mind that the Areas of Expertise fields are NOT a place to repeat your resume. They ARE a place for you to enter Search Terms close to those a Client may enter into the Search Box. Try test searches that you feel best apply to your expertise. See where you are listed. Is this where you would like to be found? Tweak and repeat the process if necessary.

Suggestion 2: Include a Picture (or at least a logo) in your Profile

Including a picture in your Zintro profile significantly increases the chances that a Client will engage with you.  Zintro is a people search engine.  Pictures are more engaging that silhouette images (see example below).  Moreover, Zintro eventually will automate the process of giving a boost to the search ranking of Experts with pictures in their profile.  If you are uncomfortable using a picture, feel free to use your company logo or another image that differentiates you from the generic silhouettes.

Which profile below would you click on?

Suggestion 3: Promote your Zintro profile link on E-mail, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook

Zintro provides every Expert with a link that points directly to his/her profile.  For example, mine is http://www.zintro.com/Expert/slewtan . Including this link throughout your marketing materials, social network profiles, and elsewhere can benefit you in several ways.

  • People like it. It increases the potential for you to receive 1 to 1 (non-public) inquiries on Zintro.
  • Search Engines like it. It improves the visibility of your profile on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Zintro likes it. Zintro’s algorithm for determining potential promotions to Bronze, Silver, and Gold Expert levels may be impacted by the public use of your Zintro profile link. The Expert level can have a significant impact on your Zintro search & match ranking and also sends a “Good Housekeeping Seal” to potential Clients.

That means Tweet it, Facebook it, and throw it wherever feels right.

Here are some examples.

a. Put your Zintro link under your signature in your Email, like I do.

b. Put your Zintro link in your other Social Network Pages, like Ingrid’s Linkedin profile.

c. Put your Zintro link or graphic on your personal website, like WBMSAT’s homepage.

Improving your ZEO helps your overall visibility, so why not try these techniques on your profile by going into My Info and selecting the Expert Profile tab.  If you are new to Zintro, sign up as a Zintro Expert!

Stuart Lewtan is founder & CEO of Zintro, Inc.  Zintro (http://www.zintro.com) connects its clients with experts & consultants in the field for brief phone consults and/or longer relationships.


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