Zintro Offers Premium Services!

I am very pleased to announce that Zintro has rolled out two new Premium Services. With over 15,000 subject matter experts and 2,000 clients, Zintro has already established itself as an important player in the space. Zintro’s Premium Services provide frequent users with an even greater feature set and a higher level of service than Zintro’s Basic Services.

Premium Client Service. Zintro connects clients (companies and/or professionals seeking experts) with subject-matter experts for consulting engagements ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements. Zintro makes it easy for clients by sourcing the best consultants & experts in the world, organizing them by topic, and allowing clients to send a single inquiry to multiple experts simultaneously. Zintro preserves the client’s anonymity, saves them time, and guarantees quality. With Zintro’s new Premium Client Service, clients can tap deeper into the Zintro expert pool and readily exchange contact information with experts. Premium clients also pay a lower transaction fee than Basic users and the fee is not subject to a minimum. This means that if an expert is willing to waive his/her fee for an initial call (which happens about half the time), the consult is free. Premium clients also are marked with a prominent icon so that experts recognize they are serious & qualified which significantly increases the yield & quality of expert replies. Compare Basic (free) & Premium Client Services.

Premium Expert Service. Zintro provides subject matter experts (whether independent consultants, contractors, experts “moonlighting” to make some extra money, or small, medium, or large consultancies) with free lead-generation. With the Premium Service, experts are able to even more effectively market their services to Zintro clients. Premium expert profiles rank higher on Zintro’s matching engine and Premium experts can freely share contact information, post URLs, and soon will be able to post videos and other reference materials. Premium experts are promptly reviewed by Zintro’s Evaluation Committee for potential promotion (if expert’s credentials warrant it) to Bronze, Silver, or Gold status. Moreover, it is less expensive for Zintro’s clients to contact premium experts (free if expert is willing to waive his/her fee for the initial call). This significantly increases the expert’s chance of being selected for a project. Compare Basic (free) & Premium Expert Services.

Both of Zintro’s Premium Services start at $59.95 per month and drop to $29.95 per month if the client or expert signs up for a year. This price point is intended to be disruptive — a ‘no-brainer’. Generating one solid lead on Zintro can pay for the cost of a subscription hundreds of times over.  Zintro also continues to offer its Basic service free of charge for both clients and experts. Free service for both sides of this market is core to Zintro’s marketing strategy and business philosophy.

Zintro has over 15,000 experts and over 2,000 clients. Experts are from numerous industries, countries, and professions including physicians, engineers, scientists, mid- and senior-level managers, independent consultants, and business owners, among others. Clients include investment firms, private equity firms, venture firms, law firms, market researchers, recruiters, consultants, entrepreneurs, journalists, engineers, and business development executives, among others.


Stuart Lewtan is founder & CEO of Zintro, Inc.  Zintro connects its clients with experts & consultants in the field for brief phone consults and/or longer relationships.


  1. Eduardo Felipe says:

    Premium??………if you can get that zintro blá, blá, blá working right, how come you offering a premium shit?
    Why that zintro blá, blá, blá doesn’t work?
    Always try to send a simple, just a (******) not, and doesn’t go!!
    That (**********************) seems to heavy!!!
    I should and i could call names, bad ones, because that zintro blá, blá, blá get me so upset every time i log on!

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