Fashion, movies, and retail merge

By Maureen Aylward

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie is now out in the theaters with a fashion line to follow. H&M, a Swedish retailer, is rolling out a clothing line to coincide with the debut. Will we see other retailers joining up with movie costume designers? Is it a trend?

Mik Gasz, a management consultant, says that certain movies have always had the tendency of influencing fashion trends. “Do you remember those guys in long leather coats after the debut of Matrix? The fashion industry does spend a lot for generating clothing trends. H&M can be said to be smart, as the great deal of marketing and creating of this trend is financed and done by Hollywood,” he says. “The success of this clothing line will be proportional to that of the movie, which should not be underestimated. The possibility of success is much bigger than the risk involved.”

Kittie Stulir, an expert in retail sales, sees this as a developing trend. “It is smart marketing for all business involved. The movie would be able to cut back costs by utilizing the product without purchasing, and it is free a visual for the company whose product would be visually seen by a large group of potential customers,” she says. “Back in the 70’s, on the Johnny Carson Show, it was common for vendors to advertise in between skits with products – an in-house commercial. Food vendors directly advertise like Anthony-Bourdain on the Travel Channel. This method of advertising to get your name out is great for self starting businesses, especially in economic tight times.”

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