Zintro is a reliable source – Regent Group

Regent Group, based in Washington, DC, is an international research and analysis firm that provides business, investment, strategic, and industry research services. It specializes in innovative research techniques to ensure the complete identification and verification of data.

Recently, Tom Thompson of Regent Group turned to Zintro to seek experts who could help enlighten research in two areas: entertainment lighting and ethylene products. Thompson sent inquiries into the Zintro network to get proposals for phone consults. The inquiries were quite specific.

Entertainment lighting: We are looking for an industry expert to help us understand the competitive environment for large-scale lighting, e.g. concerts, sports venues, theater. This inquiry went out to experts with knowledge of entertainment lighting, large-scale lighting, and lighting.

Ethylene Producers: We need to be able to identify major players in the industry, worldwide, that are long on ethylene and possibly interested in moving downstream. This inquiry was seeking experts with knowledge of ethylene producers, ethylene, chemical industry, specialty chemicals.

The two inquiries couldn’t have been more different, which is what made Zintro such a valuable and efficient resource. “I found Zintro to be a reliable source to quickly find industry experts in a wide variety of areas,” says Thompson. “I appreciate the rapid back-office support whenever there’s been a scheduling issue.”

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region.  Recently, some of the following topics have seen a inquiry activity:

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