“I’m glad to be a member of Zintro.” Ed Pettersen.

“I’m glad to be a member of Zintro.”   Ed Pettersen.

Ed Pettersen is an experienced store design/visual merchandising professional who creates immersive, entertaining,   and innovative retail spaces. He recently helped a foreign manufacturer of plastic extrusions develop a strategy for entering the US market with various products for retail. Having designed and purchased fixtures for some of America’s largest companies throughout his career, Pettersen had the experience to fit the needs and requirements for the client. “Zintro is a true win for the client and the expert. I was able to provide this client valuable insights into what they needed to look for and the specific niches they should be looking into to fill with their assortment,” says Pettersen. “At the end of the consult, they seemed very satisfied and it allowed me to extend the reach of my consultation practice. I’m glad to be a member of Zintro.”

Do you have a Zintro success story? We would like to hear about it. Email us at  admin@zintro.com. Try tapping into Zintro’s expert-base with an Inquiry. It’s free. And, sign up as a Zintro expert to start generating free leads for your business. Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region.  Recently, some of the following topics have seen a inquiry activity:

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