Part 2 of Marketing Tips for Consultants Series — B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies

Please join us for the second webinar in this series, presented by ‘Kahshanna Evans’, Director of Public Relations for Kissing Lions Public Relations.     Thursday, April 17th @11:00am (EDT) — Register (free) Here.

“B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies.” 

Presenter’s Note: 
B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies will explore media strategy as it relates to visibility for owner operated small businesses and independent, highly specialized consultants. B2M will be introduced; a concept that will support small consultancies in better understanding essential steps for visibility as it relates to media and growth will be introduced. Topics will include content, social media, small business resources and media habits that support visibility. Estimated 40 minute presentation followed by a Zintro moderated Q&A. 

Thursday, April 17th @11:00am (EDT) — Register (free) Here

About Kahshanna Evans: 
Founder of Kissing Lions Public Relations, Kahshanna Evans, brings the skills she developed working for over a decade in communication, wellness, fashion and both sides of the camera to her approach to publicity and professionalism. Two decades of working closely with top names in film and television, advertising and fashion influence her sense of brand-telling for niche and emerging brands in business, design, wellness and philanthropy. Ms. Evans has recently launched PR in the Happiness Economy, an educational workshop with ongoing enrollment to help clients review media strategy. 


Seeking Experts to Work on IT Software Consulting Projects

Zintro  is a “Search and Connect Engine” that makes it easy for clients (expert-seekers) to find and connect with experts for projects (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). Some of the uses include:

▪   To engage in phone consults with experts for primary market research or to get challenging business or technical questions answered
▪   To source consultants or vendors for projects
▪   To identify candidates for full-time employment

Zintro has over 40,000 experts (browse) across every single industry sector. These experts have opted-in to receive system-matched inquiries from our almost 15,000 clients. Over 1,000 inquiries come in every month.

Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to Food Industry.  A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail about the projects


Network Management (SNMP)

Needs a customized SNMP course for 16-student within the next 1-2 months. Please see the requirements/course outline below and let me know if you have someone who can teach this class and has courseware (or need to develop it)….. more

Screen Capture Malware

Anti screen capture. Basically I want a solution for screen capture malware through software based keyloggers or hacking tools. Anything that can protect privacy while surfing so anybody….more


I am operating a software development assembly line and look to hire a jira expert full time hire 40 hours a week to implement and maintain a complex jira workflow ….more

HTML, Javascript

I’m inserting a short javascript code into my html body of a webpage that was provided to me from my email database vendor. However, Dreamweaver 5.5 does not show anything after I insert the code and preview it in Firefox, Safari and IE. I have Windows 7 OS on my PC….more

 IT Business Acquisition

I am looking to acquire a small IT consulting firm in the Denver Colorado market space. IT Software development, consulting, ERM, CRM, Cloud Architecture developement, for implementation or functional….more


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Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen a inquiry activity:

Zintro success story: David Dodson, founder of Project Healthy Children “Zintro is like having your own expert panel”

By Maureen Aylward

David Dodson is a private investor, Stanford University professor, and founder of Project Healthy Children, a non-profit that works with governments and private industry to establish food fortification programs that improve the health of women and children around the world. Dodson has used the Zintro platform in a number of capacities.

“The first time I used Zintro was during a situation in which I was looking at an investment opportunity. The company I was interested in was about to embark upon a manufacturing relocation project, and I had questions about that move. There were issues, and I needed to talk with someone, but had no idea of who to turn to,” says Dodson. “Then I thought maybe Zintro could help. I went on the site, typed in my question, and very quickly I had about 15 highly qualified professionals who were able to answer my question. I was impressed because my question was esoteric and narrow, but the experts who responded knew how to answer it and gave me thoughtful proposals. I ended up speaking with multiple experts, not just one.”

Dodson used Zintro a second time when he and his team came across a challenge at Project Healthy Children. “We were in the middle of a complex technical project in which we were developing a specialized project that used injected molded plastic with electronics. This product was to be implemented in small mills in the developing world. We had never before developed a product and this was sophisticated technology. We were lost and did not know how to proceed,” remembers Dodson. “I remembered the success I had with Zintro the first time, so I did it again. We were flooded with quality responses. I spoke to multiple experts, as many as six people, to get the information I needed. The experts were extremely helpful and saved us from making mistakes. They helped us move our project forward about six months and that ended up in a savings of tens of thousands of dollars.”

Dodson says that Zintro is like having your own expert panel. “The diversity is important.  I was able to connect with people from all over the world and find the exact information that I needed for each of my challenges,” he says.  “I video chatted with nearly every expert I connected with and used the Zintro platform for communication as well. There really are no barriers to using Zintro, and I found it to be very easy to receive the information I needed.”

Dodson used Zintro on another occasion even when he thought the question he wanted to post was just too narrow of a subject. “I figured that I would post it anyway because I had such great experiences. My very narrow question received 12 responses, which I found amazing because of the specificity of the project. I called several experts and found a successful match to my issues. In all my interactions with Zintro experts, I have met people with whom I will do business again. It was not just a one time thing, and I value their input highly and will use them again,” he says.

Zintro has a big enough data base that you can trust it to deliver on a narrow question, Dodson says, and he encourages clients to go ahead and ask for something specific. “Getting responses from fewer highly qualified experts saves time and gets the right people who help you with your issue.”

Our experts would love to hear from you! Post your question for industry experts here.  Are you a subject matter expert? Sign up as a Zintro expert to start generating free leads for your business.

Hard Money Lender Finds Two New Clients on Zintro

Since 1994 MN-Capital-Raising has owned, invested in or provided advice to real estate related businesses. He has deep experience in raising debt and equity capital from an international base of entrepreneurs.

Some of the specific areas of expertise he lists include Distressed Debt, Hard Money Loans, Foreign Direct Investment, and Acquisition Of Bankruptcy Claims.

Since joining Zintro, MN-Capital-Raising has had plenty of success. His primary objective is not to sell his time (for which he is only asking $25 per hour), but instead to find new long-term clients.  In a note to Zintro, He writes “…I have now been connected to my second great client through Zintro. I believe the two connections I have made through your site will be significant in the future growth of my business. ”


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Rob Gallo’s First Zintro Consult

Rob Gallo is an expert in the online gambling industry.  His Zintro bio starts out “I have been in the online gaming industry, (casino and poker) since 1997 when I founded OmniCasino and SunPoker (2001). I do not have any business degrees, in fact I did not attend college, but I do have 13 years of experience in understanding the demographics and pshycographics of gamblers from all over the world…. (see more)”

Yesterday, Rob, was awarded his first consult through the Zintro system. Nice job Rob!

Do you have a Zintro success story? We would like to hear about it. Send it to .

Or, try tapping into Zintro’s expert-base with an Inquiry (it’s free) and/or sign up as a Zintro expert to start generating free leads for your business.