Seeking Experts To Work On Chemical Industry Consulting Projects

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Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to the Textile Industry.  A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail about the projects


Agricultural Chemicals

I am looking to connect with one or more Agricultural Chemicals Experts for …..more

 Chemical Engineering

Looking for a reliability engineer for a chemical plant producing phenol and ….more

Global Chemical Sourcing

I am looking for a chemical sourcing expert to help provide expert analysis and insight into top performing chemical markets for a whitepaper my company is looking to publish. PIERS collects and publishes details on US waterborne imports and exports…..more

 Leather Chemicals

I am looking to connect with one or more Leather Chemicals …..more

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Seeking Experts to work on Chemical Industry Consulting Projects

Zintro is a business network that makes it easy for Clients (expert-seekers) to connect with Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements). Some of the uses include:

▪   For market research

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Zintro has over 40,000 experts (browse) across every single industry sector. These experts have opted-in to receive system-matched inquiries from our over 10,000 clients. Over 1,000 inquiries come in every month.


Zintro currently has numerous open projects related to the Chemical Industry.  A few of these projects are included below.  Click on the links below to see more detail and/or to reply directly to the Client.




Ammonium Carbonate

Hi, I work for as a chemical research analyst. My client company makes Phthalocyanine Blue Crude ( pigment ) and they get ammonium carbonate as by product which gets settled in pipelines as a solid in large quantities as they are facing troubles in isolating the by product. Can you please guide me how to isolate ammonium carbonate form the main product ( technology , process details and equipment details required )…more


Glycerol Monostearate

I am Sriram D.S., a chemicals industry analyst at Beroe Inc., a procurement intelligence firm which provides procurement decision enabling information to Fortune 500 companies. I am working on a project on Glycerol Monosterate. I want to understand the factors that drive the cost and price of Glycerol Monosterate 90% which is used as an Anti Static Additive on plastics. I would like to understand what are the best practices involved in sourcing this chemical in various end use industries. I would also like to understand what could be an optimal contract length and contract structure for this particular chemical…more


Chemical Market    

Doing research on Tetraisopropyl titanate (titanium isopropoxide) market. Need to understand global supply and demand. Who are the major players what is their share in the market. What could be the possible future for this chemical. Please contact me if you are an expert in the chemical industry with knowledge of this market…more


Food Chemicals 

Our clients are preparing for the advent of the mobilization of the Food Safety Modernization Act and want to use us for a food testing service.
We need an investor to partner with us to establish several laboratories nationally. We have the clients and the requirements well defined. We lack the investment to bring the concept to reality…more


Agrochemical Registration in India  

I work for a firm deals in import-export of chemicals. We are looking for a consultant who can help us registering agrochemicals in India…more


Green Chemistry And Sustainability 

Hi. I’m a toy designer developing eco-friendly toys, seeking a supplier for a bio-based polymer with physical properties of silicone rubber. I have developed my own proprietary combination of materials using a two part catalyst food-grade platinum cure silicone and sustainable materials. My goal is to replace the silicone with a bioplastic and be 100% green. Possibility of collaborating on SBIR grant to research, develop and commercialize a silicone-like bioplastic for the toy industry. Currently running fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds. For more info please respond by email message with questions/comments/ideas…more



What kinds of surfactants are used in Oil Field and enhanced oil recovery. An expert in surfactant chemistry and knowledge of oil field and enhance oil recovery techniques…more


Capillary Electrophoresis 

PrimeraDx is seeking a system development chemist to study various aspects of capillary electrophoresis and PCR.
Primary need is for an experienced professional who can execute experiments that characterize and improve system protocols:
- Characterize and improve capillary electrophoresis performance
- Optimize polyacrylimide gel and silicon capillary surface chemistry
- Characterize carryover contamination
- Execute experiments with dyes and injection in order to improve the QC measurements related to optical sensitivity…more



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Thoughts on chemical industry consolidation

By Maureen Aylward

Recently, Lonza announced its acquisition of Arch Chemicals, which prompted us to wonder if the chemical industry will see further consolidation. We asked our Zintro experts to comment on this.

Richard Woodward, PhD, a business executive and industrial research scientist, believes that additional consolidation will occur. “The current recession has seriously damaged a number of otherwise solid companies,” he says. “This provides opportunities for the larger, more financially secure companies such as Lonza, DSM, and the like to expand their portfolios and capabilities by acquiring companies that have fallen upon hard times. I personally believe that a number of the smaller pharma chemical companies will be acquired. In particular, companies with specific capabilities will be purchased by other companies looking to expand their range of services.”

Alan Henderson, PhD, a consultant to the chemical industry, is looking closely at recent REACH activity, the EU chemicals legislation. “There have been a staggering number of pre-registrations of chemical substances; that is some 143,000 PRs from about 65,000 registrants,” Henderson explains. “Although some thousand substances or more were made by non-producers seeking to make money out of missed pre-registrations, the sheer number of substances and suppliers suggest that there is a lot of room for consolidation within Europe.”

Henderson says there are about 15 major suppliers that meet over 95 percent of demand for chemicals. It is estimated that nearly 4,500 chemical companies operate in Europe, but what most of them do is not accurately known. “Given the increased regulatory pressure, I can see compliance becoming one factor in the consolidation process along with the normal economies of scale, synergies, and so on,” Henderson says. “Another consolidation factor could be the formation of some kind of trade exchange because chemicals made by one company in a particular EU country may be shipped to another country where it is then shipped to another country and so on. This creates staggering costs for the production and shipping of chemicals.” Henderson goes on to say that as the number of suppliers dwindle he will be watching the co-dependent distributors that may also have to consolidate.

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Experts share their thoughts on the chemical industry over the next 12-18 months

By Maureen Aylward

In an effort to keep tabs on different industries, we often go to our Zintro experts to learn more about the market influences that shape an industry over the next year to 18 months. This week we look at what chemical industry experts see happening in the near future.

Stefano Colicchia is an executive with expertise in product sustainability, compliance, regulatory affairs, and quality management. He says the increasing regulatory requirements at the global level, such as the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and legislation on both side of the Atlantic, like Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemical substances (REACH) in Europe and the reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) in the US, will influence the shape of the chemical industry. “At the global level, the industry will face the same trend because other countries are following the same path, such as China, Korea, and Turkey with REACH-like regulations,” says Coliccha.

Vijaya Shanbhag, a textile, chemical, and color consultant, says that the high performance standards that consumers expect will continue to shift the chemical industry toward eco-norms. This will be essential for the industry’s survival and growth. “The toxic residues from chemical effluents found in waste water can cause problems of the central nervous system, respiratory system, and skin, as well as headaches, dizziness, and eye irritations. The disinfectants used in water treatment are very hard to remove,” says Shanbhag. “The main objective for having eco-friendly chemicals is an increased awareness for cleaner and greener standards.”

Vivek Patel, a consultant for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and the life sciences industries, says that the manufacturing base is shifting away from North America, Europe, and Japan, while capacity is growing in the Middle East, China, and India. “The strongest growth has been in end-user sectors. The Middle East and Chinese may grow to dominate export markets,” Patel says. “The emergence of mass markets in developing countries will consolidate markets in order for it to stay competitive.”

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