Part 2 of Marketing Tips for Consultants Series — B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies

Please join us for the second webinar in this series, presented by ‘Kahshanna Evans’, Director of Public Relations for Kissing Lions Public Relations.     Thursday, April 17th @11:00am (EDT) — Register (free) Here.

“B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies.” 

Presenter’s Note: 
B2M, Growth and Visibility for Niche Consultancies will explore media strategy as it relates to visibility for owner operated small businesses and independent, highly specialized consultants. B2M will be introduced; a concept that will support small consultancies in better understanding essential steps for visibility as it relates to media and growth will be introduced. Topics will include content, social media, small business resources and media habits that support visibility. Estimated 40 minute presentation followed by a Zintro moderated Q&A. 

Thursday, April 17th @11:00am (EDT) — Register (free) Here

About Kahshanna Evans: 
Founder of Kissing Lions Public Relations, Kahshanna Evans, brings the skills she developed working for over a decade in communication, wellness, fashion and both sides of the camera to her approach to publicity and professionalism. Two decades of working closely with top names in film and television, advertising and fashion influence her sense of brand-telling for niche and emerging brands in business, design, wellness and philanthropy. Ms. Evans has recently launched PR in the Happiness Economy, an educational workshop with ongoing enrollment to help clients review media strategy.